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Westchester/Fairfield Trail Race Series


“Trail Mix” – The Westchester-Fairfield Trail Series

medallion-scan-mod-bw-300We love trail running and hope you do too!

To promote trail running and races the Leatherman Harriers and several other local race organizations came up with a new trail race series in the Westchester and Fairfield county area starting with a 2014-2015 series.

The Trail Mix – Westchester-Fairfield Trail Series was initially a series of four trail races in Westchester and Fairfield Counties in 2014. It grew to six races starting with the 2015 Trail Mix Series. In 2018 we expanded the series to seven races.

We combine results from the races in the series to determine a series winner and award special prizes. Click here for points methodology.

The Trail Mix races include:

Leatherman’s Loop (loop lottery info) 10k (Cross River NY) April
A Mild Sprain – 4.25M – (Yonkers, NY) May
Where the Pavement Ends – 4M (Ridgefield CT) September
Sarah Bishop Bushwhack – 10k (North Salem NY) September
Run The Farm – 5M (Katonah NY) October
Paine to Pain – 13.1M (Mt. Vernon NY) October
Raven Rocks Run – 10k – (Cross River, NY) November

Runners who complete at least four of the seven trail races in 2019 are GUARANTEED ENTRY through the Loop Lottery process in January 2020.

IMPORTANT: Runners will still need to register for the LOOP LOTTERY in January to be eligible. No late post-loop lottery entries will be accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: When you register, please be consistent with the name you register under so we can match your new races up with your other races in the series. For example, if you are Richard Smith, please don’t register under Rick Smith for one race, Rich Smith for another, Richard Smith for the third race, and Dick Smith for the fourth. To the computer, those are four different people. We can always go back and match the names by hand, but it helps tremendously if you keep it consistent. Thanks! 😉

Standings for the series are here. Standings for Men & Women are separate.

There will be an overall winner for male and female runners as well as one winner in each age/gender category.

If a runner ends the series in a different age group than he or she began it in we will tally their totals in the age group they started in. So for example if you start the series at 39 and turn 40 before the Raven Rocks Run, we will tally your totals in the 30-39 group.

Let us know via the Contact Us page if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing lots of people at these great local trail running events!

Race directors for the races are: Leatherman’s Loop and Run The FarmTony Godino, A Mild SprainDavid Vogel and Brant Brooks, Where the Pavement EndsGeoffrey Morris, Sarah Bishop BushwhackLee Willett, Mark Vincent, and Barry Fagan, Paine to Pain – Eric Turkewitz, Raven Rocks RunRob Cummings. For questions about individual races, please visit the race websites and click the Contact Us link.

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