A Mild Sprain Trail Race Up Next!

amildsprain-Footprintlogo2016-transparentThe second race of the 2016 Trail Mix Trail Series is set to go on May 22nd.

A Mild Sprain is held at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers, NY. This year marks the 5th year of the race. Race directors David Vogel and Brant Brooks are gearing up for a big crowd and record fundraising for JDRF, the charity that the race raises money for.

Come to Sprain Ridge Park and Run! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

The third race in the series is called “Where The Pavement Ends” and is held in 9/20/16 at Lake Windwing in Ridgefield CT. More information on that race closer to the date.


Leatherman’s Loop in 3 Weeks!

leathermans-loop-trail-race-running-man-logo-tan-350x350The first race in the 2016 Trail Mix Trail Series is three weeks away!

The Leatherman’s Loop is a 10k trail race at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. This year marks the 30th consecutive year of the Loop. The race organizers are in race mode taking care of all of the details before the race.

Note: The Loop Lottery is finished and the race is full.

One way to guarantee Leatherman’s Loop entry is to complete the Trail Mix Series the year before. Any runner who runs in 4 or more Trail Mix races is eligible for automatic selection when they enter the Loop Lottery.

A few weeks after the Loop is the second race in the series: A Mild Sprain on 5/22. More on that race when the Loop concludes!