2020 Series Women’s Standings

This page will be updated as races are scored and results published after each race

Below are Women’s standings in the Trail Mix series including all races run in 2020 to date. Races for 2020 include the Leatherman’s Loop (LOOP), A Mild Sprain (AMS), Where the Pavement Ends (WTPE), Sarah Bishop Bushwhack (SBB), Paine to Pain (P2P), Run The Farm (RTF), and Raven Rocks Run (RRR).

For details on how the races are scored for the series, check here.  No entry for the Series is needed, runners just need to enter the individual races and finish them.

All runners who finish in at least FOUR of the SEVEN races are scored in the series for 2020. Early in the series we show everyone who is eligible. After the fourth race, we cut back to only showing runners who are eligible to complete the series — so the list gets a lot shorter.

Runners who have run in all Trail Mix races are highlighted in yellow.

Click on the column headings to sort by that column. Type in a category (e.g. F20, M40) to only show runners in that category.

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