Frequently Asked Questions about The Trail Mix – Westchester/Fairfield Trail Series

Trail Mix Trail Series

Some questions you may have about the Trail Mix Trail Series — and answers:

Q: Where is the Trail Mix Trail Series?

A: The races are in Westchester (New York) and Fairfield (Connecticut) counties. They range from 15 minutes north of New York City (Yonkers, NY) to 1 hour and 15 minutes north of New York City (Ridgefield, CT) and four other races in between those (Katonah, NY; Cross River, NY – 2 races; North Salem, NY).

Q: Will I have to run all 7 races to compete in the Trail Mix series?

A: No – you will only need to compete in four of the seven races to be eligible to be scored in the series.

Q: How will the standings be figured out?

A: It is a points system. Only the best 4 races will count towards a runner’s total points. Each race will be worth points for competing in the race. The points system is described in detail here.

If you have any questions about the scoring, please contact us.

Q: I will turn 50 before the last race but I am 49 in the first race I compete in. What age group am I competing in for the series?

A: You will compete in the age group you run your first series race in. So if you run the Leatherman when you are 49 but Where The Pavement Ends comes after you turn 50, you would compete in the 40-49 year old age group for that year.

Q: In the past Trail Mix Series, you let runners who completed the series (i.e. finished at least 4 of the 7 races) get automatic selections in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery for the next year. Will you be doing this for the the upcoming Loop as well?

A: YES! Anyone who is scored for four or more races in the Trail Mix series from the prior year will be automatically selected in the Loop Lottery for the next Leatherman’s Loop. For example, runners who complete the series in 2018 are eligible for automatic selection upon entry to the 2019 Loop Lottery.

Keep in mind runners still need to register in the Loop Lottery and pay for Loop registration to get in to the Leatherman’s Loop – it is not a free entry, but it is a “fastpass” ticket past the lottery.

Q: Can I register for all of the Trail Mix Races at once?

A: We currently have no system in place to do that since each race is independently run. But we are excited that you want to race in all of the Trail Mix races!

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