2016 Trail Mix Final Results

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We wrapped up the 2016 Trail Mix Series with the Raven Rocks Run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation last Sunday morning.

Note – ALL runners who completed the 2016 Trail Mix Series by running at least four of the six races in the series are eligible for automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery as long as they enter the Loop Lottery in January 2017. In 2016 there are 94 runners who qualify for the automatic selection. See links to Men’s and Women’s standings links above for listing of all runners eligible.

Series Leaderboard

Lindsay Obrig heading down Pell Hill at the 2016 Raven Rocks Run. (photo by Tom Casper)
Lindsay Obrig heading down Pell Hill at the 2016 Raven Rocks Run. (photo by Tom Casper)

For the Women’s Trail Mix SeriesLindsay Obrig took home the overall women’s series. Congratulations Lindsay! Teren Block finished second overall and first in the F50 category.

Anne Heinrichs had a strong final two races to secure third overall and the F30 category win. Chelsea Ellis took fourth overall and won the F20 category. Sydney Bieber was a very close fifth overall and first in the 13 & under category. Sydney is also the youngest female runner to complete the series ever.

Jerre Skeats took the F40 category while Asha Grossberndt took the 14-18 year old Juniors category.

Virgil Bretz crossing Splashdown at the Leathermans Loop 2016 photo by Deborah Burman)

For the Men’s Trail Mix Series, Virgil Bretz ran a strong early series. He was injured and volunteering at the last two Trail Mix races — but based on his strong early races he held off challengers through the end. Congratulations Virgil!

Matt Bedoukian was second overall in the Trail Mix, taking the M30 category. Josh Faust ran all six races and was third overall and took the M40 category.

John McElroy was 4th overall with Eamonn Sullivan just behind in 5th. Eamonn took the 13 & under category for the second straight year and was the youngest male runner to complete the series.

Longtime Loop runner Bill Bradsell ran all six races in the series and took the M50 category for the second year while Joseph Mokszycki (aka JoeMo) took the M60 category. Loop runner and patron Nick Ohnell ran away with the M70 category. Ryan Pufahl took the 14-18 year old Juniors category.

Some final highlights:

  • Four women, Hephzibah Grossberndt, Judi Demuro, Lisa Torregrossa, and Asha Grossberndt, completed all SIX 2016 Trail Mix Series races.
  • Twelve men competed in all SIX of the 2016 Trail Mix Series races: Gabriel Brecher, Edward Eigel, Josh Faust, Justin Puccio, Todd Henrich, Bill Bradsell, Charles Vaccaro, Chris Oberhammer, Paul Woolley, John Walsh, Justin Stanford, and Nick Ohnell.
  • 94 Runners finished the 2016 Trail Mix Series. This is a big increase over the 66 who finished in 2015 and almost quadruple the 25 who completed the 2014-2015 inaugural series.
  • Over 2,100 different runners (767 women and 1,301 men) competed in at least one race in the 2016 Trail Mix Series.
  • Jerre Skeats and Eric Foxhall have each participated in 13 of the 14 Trail Mix races.  When we establish a Trail Mix Hall of Fame your names will be on the first ballot!
  • Last but not least: There is ONE runner has run in ALL of the Trail Mix Series races since 2014! – That’s 14 for 14! Congrats to Charlie Vaccaro! 

Congratulations everyone on a series well run – and enjoy that well earned automatic selection in the Loop Lottery as you enter it in January 2017!


List of Runners who completed the 2016 Trail Mix Series (and are eligible for automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop 2017 Lottery if they enter it.):

Luke Albrecht
Mary Ann Cox
Giovanni Battaglia
Matt Bedoukian
Sydney Bieber
Teren Block
Sherry Boyd
Bill Bradsell
Gabriel Brecher
Virgil Bretz
Megan Mary Burkarski
Michael Burkarski
Ken Carmel
Ben Chadwick
Brian Clinton
Joseph Cloidt
Robert Cummings
Laura Cyran
Judi Demuro
Nicholas DeRobertis
Michael Duvally
Edward Eigel
Christine Eisenhower
David Elbaum
Chelsea Ellis
Barry Fagan
Amy Falder
Sean Fallon
Josh Faust
Brad Felix
Carlos Fonseca
Elena Fonseca
Eric Foxhall
Asha Grossberndt
Hephzibah Grossberndt
Karen Haitoff
Anne Heinrichs
Todd Henrich
David Hulme
Katie Hulme
Greg Hurst
Jared Johnson
Glen Kutler
Skylar Lee
Kevin Lewis
Lester Look
Howard Luks
Kathy Lynch
William McArthur
John McElroy
James McGough
Richard Mcmorrow
Gary Mendelsohn
Brian Metro
Heather Metz
Joseph Mokszycki
Ray Mullins
Jim Munz
Peeter Muursepp
Cheryl Neuburger
Kristen Noble
Chris Oberhammer
Lindsay Obrig
Nick Ohnell
Mike Paletta
Douglas Parent
Matthew Partridge
Jesse Perillo
Jennifer Pozzi
Justin Puccio
Ryan Pufahl
Mark Purcell
Sean Quinn
Roberto Ramirez
Erin Regan
Kelly Ruggiero
Mathias Rumilly
Jack Russell
Gordon Schnell
Robert Schweizer
Dave Simko
Jerre Skeats
Justin Stanford
Eamonn Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Lisa Torregrossa
Charles Vaccaro
Christie Verschoor
David Vogel
John Walsh
Alan Wegener
Lee Willett
Erick Wilson
Paul Woolley

Women’s StandingsMen’s Standings

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