2017 Trail Mix Final Results

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We wrapped up the 2017 Trail Mix Series with the Raven Rocks Run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

Note – ALL runners who completed the 2017 Trail Mix Series by running at least four of the six races in the series are eligible for automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery as long as they enter the Loop Lottery in January 2018. In 2017 there are 91 runners who qualify for the automatic selection in 2018. See links to Men’s and Women’s standings links above for listing of all runners eligible.

Series Wrap-Up

Kirby Mosenthal at 2017 Run The Farm. (photo by Carol Gordon)

Kirby Mosenthal won the Women’s Trail Mix Series for 2017. Kirby won two of the four races she ran in and finished second in the other two. Congratulations Kirby!

Teren Block finished second overall and first in the F50 category.

Ellie Fosnot finished third overall and won the F40 category. Kathy Jackson took fourth overall. Sydney Bieber went back to back years taking the F13 & under category.

Laura Cyran took the F30 category and sixth overall. Jerre Skeats was seventh overall and has the most Trail Mix Series races of any woman (17 completed since the start). Katie Hulme (F13) was eighth overall and the youngest female series finisher this year.

Maria Ilyukhina took the F20 category. Michele Stefanov won the F60 category. Zoe Wegener won the 14-18 year old juniors category in her first year of trail racing.

Luis Francisco in the final mile of the 2017 Raven Rocks Run. (photo by Tom Casper)

Luis Francisco won the 2017 Men’s Trail Mix Series. Luis won 2 of the 5 races in the series and came in second in the other 3 he ran in. Congratulations Luis!

Benjamin Hopkins came in second overall and won the M30 category, just 0.15 points behind Luis. Last year’s Trail Mix men’s winner Virgil Bretz came in third and took the M40 category, just 0.2 points out of second place.

Aleksei Chernov was 4th overall with Jacob Benesch just behind in 5th. John McElroy and David Hambleton came in 6th and 7th overall.

Bill Bradsell ran all six races in the 2017 series and took the M50 category for the third year in a row. Joseph Mokszycki (aka JoeMo) took the M60 category for the second year in a row. Edward Bricker won the M20 category. Rob Fryer won the M70 category. Justin Pufahl took the 14-18 year old Juniors category.

Christopher Demuth III won the M13 & under category and was the youngest finisher (9 years old) of the Trail Mix Series ever. Well done Christopher!

Some final highlights:

  • Charlie Vaccaro continued his unbroken Trail Mix streak, running in all twenty Trail Mix races since the series began in 2014.
  • Nick Ohnell ran in all six Trail Mix 2017 races as did eight other men including Bill BradsellSkylar LeePaul WoolleyPete WalshJohn WalshAlan WegenerWilliam Engelbracht, and Charles Vaccaro.
  • Teren Block was the only woman to run all six in the 2017 series.
  • 91 Runners finished the 2017 Trail Mix Series. This is slightly down from the 94 who completed the series in 2016 but is still above the 66 who finished in 2015.
  • Nearly 2,100 different runners (795 women and 1,294 men) competed in at least one race in the 2017 Trail Mix Series.
  • Jerre Skeats and Eric Foxhall have participated in 17 of the 20 Trail Mix races to date.
  • Congratulations everyone on a series well run – and enjoy that well earned automatic selection in the Loop Lottery as you enter it in January 2018!

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Click below to see the Complete List of Runners who completed the 2017 Trail Mix Series (and are eligible for automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop 2018 Lottery —  if they enter the Lottery! (if you are missing from the list and you ran in at least 4 of the 6 trail mix races, please Contact Us so we can update it.)

Anthony Addino
Luke Albrecht
Mike Armstrong
Caren Baruch-Feldman
Elizabeth Belanger
Jacob Benesch
Sydney Bieber
Teren Block
Sherry Boyd
Bill Bradsell
Virgil Bretz
Edward Bricker
Simon Butt
Paul Chadwick
Andrew Chasen
Aleksei Chernov
Lincoln Cleveland
Joseph Cloidt
John Corcoran
Mary Ann Cox
Orion Cummings
Tom Curley
Michael Curra
Laura Cyran
Judi Demuro
Christopher Demuth III
Chris Demuth Jr
Shari Dipaola
Christine Eisenhower
David Elbaum
William Engelbracht
Sean Fallon
Carlos Fonseca
Elena Fonseca
Eleanor Fosnot
Eric Foxhall
Luis Francisco
Rob Fryer
Liane Gelman-Wegener
John Goodrow
Karen Haitoff
David Hambleton
Todd Henrich
Benjamin Hopkins
David Hulme
Katie Hulme
Maria Ilyukhina
Tim Ivey
Kathy Jackson
Jeffrey Koenig
Daniel Kortick
Skylar Lee
Kevin Lewis
Paul Limmiatis
Lester Look
Kathy Lynch
Charles Maher
Matthew Matcovsky
John McElroy
James McGough
Heather Metz
Joe Mokszycki
Kirby Mosenthal
Peeter Muursepp
Brian O'Callaghan
Nick Ohnell
Nicola Palombo
Nick Parks
Jesse Perillo
Justin Pufahl
Mark Purcell
Martin Rosner
Eric Scheffler
Robert Schweizer
Jerre Skeats
Justin Stanford
Mark Stefanov
Michele Stefanov
Jeffrey Thompson
Lisa Torregrossa
Karl Tsakos
Andrew Urkowitz
Charles Vaccaro
Christie Verschoor
Pete Walsh
John Walsh
Alan Wegener
Zoe Wegener
Damien Whelan
Paul Woolley

Women’s StandingsMen’s Standings

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