Standings Update Post Sarah Bishop 2019

Women’s Series Standings to dateMen’s Series Standings to date

Four races in the 2019 Trail Mix Series are compete!

In the women’s trail mix series, Jacqueline Kehoe is leading – winning both Trail Mix races she entered in 2019. She is followed by Lily Day who won Where the Pavement Ends – her only trail mix race.

Last year’s Trail Mix champ Lindsey Felling is a close third overall. Kelsey Crawford is fourth overall and Allison Gadaleta is fifth. These standings are sure to change after Paine to Pain since many runners only have one Trail Mix race in the bag now.

On the men’s side it is up for grabs – with at least 10 men having at least one strong finish under their belt. Will McDonough is leading on the strength of his Leatherman’s Loop overall win – but that is his only Trail Mix race to date. Eamonn Sullivan has two races under his belt and one of those was a win, putting him in second place overall. He needs to run in two of the three remaining races to complete the series for scoring.

There are eight other men who are within striking distance of the top score, but only one of them has more than one finish: Kevin Hoyt. Kevin has run in all four of the Trail Mix races to date. This means he is among just 14 men and one woman to have a complete series to date.

We are looking forward to see what Paine to Pain brings this coming weekend with the standings. Many one-and-done runners will be out of the running for a complete 2019 Trail Mix Series. Many runners are well on their way to qualify though.

The age group category standing require more study and will become more clear as runners are eliminated from qualifying. More to come in the post-P2P recap.

You don’t need to run in the series to race in these trail races – they are open to any who want to run! When you are ready for the challenge, we’re here for you!

The remaining races in the series are:

Sign up today! Hope to see you on the trails!

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