Final Standings Update Post Raven Rocks Run 2019

Women’s Series Standings to dateMen’s Series Standings to date

ALL races in the 2019 Trail Mix Series are compete!

Women’s 2019 Final Standings

There are 20 women who qualified for scoring in the Trail Mix Series.

Lindsey Felling defended her first place spot atop the Trail Mix field. She won the race at Raven Rocks and Sarah Bishop and had three other top performances at the Leatherman’s Loop, Run The Farm, and Paine to Pain. Lindsey completed five Trail Mix races and got to drop her lowest score of the series.

Trail Mix 2019 women’s series winner Lindsey Felling at the 2019 Leatherman’s Loop (photo by Anika Fatouros).

Christina Thomson was second overall and won the F40 category with four races and less than a point behind Lindsey.

Katie Hulme was third overall and won the Juniors (14-18 year old) category with four races

Alix Cotumaccio was fourth overall by just 0.3 points and second in the F40 category.

Keely Cheslack-Postava was fifth overall and third in the very competitive F40 category.

Claudia Ebert was #6 overall and won the F30 categoryAbigail Slocum won the Kids (13 & under) category. Karen Haitoff won the F50 category and Karen’s daughter Rita Haitoff who was the youngest Trail Mix competitor last year was also the youngest female competitor this year.

Of special note — Susan Burke is the only woman to run SIX of the SEVEN Trail Mix Series races in 2019. No woman has run all races in 2019, unlike past years where there was always at least one.

Men’s 2019 Final Standings

There are 60 men who qualified for scoring in the Trail Mix Series.

Past Trail Mix series winner Luis Francisco captured the 2019 Trail Mix overall title. Luis won Where the Pavement Ends and Sarah Bishop. He also had strong finishes at the Leatherman’s Loop, Paine to Pain, and Run the Farm.

Trail Mix 2019 winner Luis Francisco at the 2019 Leatherman’s Loop (photo by Ted Erkkila).

Kevin Hoyt ran in 4 of the 7 Trail Mix races and finished in second overall, taking the M20 category. Kevin finished top 5 in the Loop and second in A Mild Sprain, Where the Pavement Ends, and Sarah Bishop.

Christopher Irwin ran in five races and got third place overall, winning the M40 category.

Jacob Benesch finished fourth overall and took the M30 category. Jacob also finished all seven 2019 Trail Mix races, only four other runners matched his consistency and he scored highest of them.

Bill Bradsell placed fifth overall and won the M50 category for the fourth straight year.

Shane Waring won the 13 & under division and Ed Moore won the M60 category.

James “Poppy” McGough won the M70 category for the second straight year. Nick Ohnell was a close second in the category.

Of special note: 5 runners — Jacob Benesch, Bryan Wujcik, Gerard Mattia, Charles Vaccaro, and Andrew Chasen all ran all SEVEN Trail Mix Series race in 2019.

Mr Trail Mix

“Mr Trail Mix” Charles Vaccaro at Run the Farm 2019

Charles Vaccaro has run in EVERY SINGLE TRAIL MIX RACE EVER! The series was started in 2014 and Charlie has done all thirty-THREE races in that span. He’s the only one with that streak. He is officially “Mr Trail Mix!”

Congratulations to the 79 runners (listed at the bottom of this post) who are now eligible for automatic selection into the 2020 Loop Lottery!

Note: Runners who wish to run the loop must still register in the loop lottery!

Of course you don’t need to run in the Trail Mix series to race in these trail races. They are open to everyone!

Sign up today! Hope to see you on the trails!

……..David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Megan, Geoff, Eric, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)

PS: Let us know if you notice an error in the standings and we will address it – email The most common glitch is registering under slightly different names for different trail mix races. We can fix this and all other issues. Thanks!

2019 Trail Mix Series Finishers

  • F30 Lindsey Felling
  • F40 Christina Thomson
  • FJr Katie Hulme
  • F40 Alix Cotumaccio
  • F40 Keely Cheslack-Postava
  • F30 Claudia Ebert
  • FJr Helena Randolph
  • FKd Abigail Slocum
  • F40 Corrie Pikul
  • F40 Madie Dittrich
  • F40 Brooke Heinen
  • F30 Heather Archambault
  • F40 Norine Hochman
  • FJr Julia Randolph
  • F30 Lauren Ziemba
  • F50 Karen Haitoff
  • F50 Susan Burke
  • FKd Rita Haitoff
  • F50 Melinda Pittis
  • F50 Mea Sgaglio
  • M40 Luis Francisco
  • M20 Kevin Hoyt
  • M40 Christopher Irwin
  • M30 Jacob Benesch
  • M50 Bill Bradsell
  • M30 John Felling
  • M30 Igor Shatalov
  • M40 Tom Curley
  • M50 Randolph Randolph
  • M40 Douglas Palma
  • M30 Bryan Wujcik
  • M50 John Goodrow
  • M40 Gabriel Brecher
  • M40 Bradley Aikman
  • MKd Shane Waring
  • M50 David Hulme
  • M40 Christopher Post
  • M40 Rick Matte
  • M30 Eugene Leeds
  • M30 Josh Henderson
  • M40 Michael Zaro
  • M40 Justin Stanford
  • M50 Gregorio Tellez
  • M50 Todd Henrich
  • M30 Michael Elchinger
  • M30 Jared Johnson
  • M30 Michael Curra
  • M40 Damien Whelan
  • MJr Zachary Bertin
  • M50 Neil Weiss
  • M50 Paul Woolley
  • M30 David Mann
  • M50 Joseph Cloidt
  • M40 Kevin Kellar
  • M40 Ray Bradley
  • M50 Charles Vaccaro
  • M40 Mark Kelly
  • M50 Daniel Kortick
  • M40 Keith Binder
  • M50 Gerard Mattia
  • M50 Andrew Maldonado
  • M50 Christopher Dean
  • M40 Dan Soi
  • M50 Eric Foxhall
  • M40 Jon Birdsall
  • M60 Ed Moore
  • M40 William Engelbracht
  • M40 Kurt Allen
  • M40 Jack Russell
  • M50 Mark Bertin
  • M40 Andrew Hoemann
  • M50 Rick Meese
  • M40 Mehmet Ozhabes
  • M50 Andrew Chasen
  • M60 William Hurlin
  • M70 James McGough
  • M40 Greg Marrinan
  • M70 Nick Ohnell
  • M60 Michael Brown
  • M50 Dean Leggiero

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