Standings Update – 3 of 6 Races Complete!

Three of the six Trail Mix Series races are complete for 2016. Three more remain – including the Sarah Bishop Bushwhack this Sunday 9/25.

The updated 2016 Trail Mix Standings are online now (Women’s | Men’s) Each column is sortable and the categories and runner names are searchable.

Remaining races in the 2016 Trail Mix Series are:

These races are ALL open for registration – sign up now using the links above.
Nearly 1,700 runners — 612 different women and 1,066 different men have participated in at least one of the first two Trail Mix Series events so far in 2016!

DSC_0469-1This is our 3rd Trail Mix series and we’re hoping to bring it to as many runners as possible!

If you ran in either the Leatherman’s Loop, A Mild Sprain, or Where the Pavement Ends then you are listed in the Trail Mix 2016 standings. If you did not run one of these 3 races unfortunately you can’t complete the Trail Mix Series for 2016 — but you can still register for the remaining races!

The benefits are multiple — even if you aren’t in the running to take your age category or the series: You get to hang out and race with some super (and modest) people. You get to visit and explore beautiful locations around Westchester and Fairfield Counties. And through trail racing you can connect back to nature in a way that road racing can’t match.

And if those reasons weren’t enough, there’s one more bonus: If you complete the series in 2016, you will get an automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery in January 2017 for the April 2017 Loop.

If you see a problem in the results or standings, please let us know ASAP. The most common problems are name differences between races (e.g. Liz and Elizabeth, Jim and James, etc.) Considering over 1,600 different runners are being tracked at this point it is not possible for us to automatically match names in the standings database with these minor differences (we need to fix them by hand). It will help immensely if you pick a “race name” and stick to it for the series races when you register. Your race series volunteers appreciate the help! 😉 If you have already registered using a different name, we can change it if you let us know.

Come on out – We’d love to see you on the trails and in the Mix!

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