Standings Update Post Paine to Pain 2019

Women’s Series Standings to dateMen’s Series Standings to date

{updated 10/18 to fix some name spellings and add in additional results from P2P} — Let us know if you notice an error in the standings and we will address it. Thanks!

Five races in the 2019 Trail Mix Series are compete! Two more to go! (Run the Farm & Raven Rocks)

There are 45 women who are currently eligible for scoring in the Trail Mix Series.

Jacqueline Kehoe is first overall with overall wins in the Leatherman’s Loop and A Mild Sprain. Lindsey Felling is a close second with one win at Sarah Bishop and two other top performances at the Leatherman’s Loop and Paine to Pain. Chelsea Ellis finished high up in the Loop and Paine to Pain to rank third overall. Christina Thomson (3 races) and Katie Hulme (3 races) round out the top 5. With only two more races in the series, any runner with just two races completed needs to finish both Run the Farm and Raven Rocks to qualify for final scoring.

Helena Randolph (2 races) leads her nearest competition in the 13&under (FKd) category. Deborah Young is leading in the F40 category with three races in the books. Kathy Jackson leads in the F50 category with two races to date. Cindy Scannell leads in the F60 category – also with two races completed.

Of special note — Susan Burke is the only woman to run four of the five the Trail Mix Series races in 2019. No woman has run all five this year, unlike past years where there was always at least one.

There are 149 men who are currently eligible for scoring in the Trail Mix Series.

Eamonn Sullivan leads — he won A Mild Sprain and came in as a top 3 finisher at the Loop. Will McDonough won the Loop and came in third in Paine to Pain, giving him second place. Kevin Hoyt has run in 4 of the 5 Trail Mix races and is in third place. He has already qualified for an automatic selection in the Loop Lottery this coming January.

Past Trail Mix series winner Luis Francisco is currently fourth overall with four races complete. Jacob Benesch is next up in fifth – and Jacob has again run in all five of the Trail Mix Series races to date. Bill Bradsell (4 races) has won the M50 category each of the last three years and is on track to repeat.

Shane Waring is leading the 13 & under division with Jackson Bieber and James Bysshe on his heels. Peter Jones (2 races) leads the M60 category with Steven Rolnik (2 races) and Ed Moore (3 races) just behind.

James “Poppy” McGough leads the M70 category with 4 of the 5 trail mix races completed. Nick Ohnell is on his tail with 3 races complete.

Of special note — John Goodrow, Jacob Benesch, Bryan Wujcik, Gerard Mattia, Charles Vaccaro, Rick Meese, and Andrew Chasen have all run every Trail Mix Series race to date in 2019.

Mr Trail Mix

Charles Vaccaro has run in EVERY SINGLE TRAIL MIX RACE EVER! The series was started in 2014 and Charlie has done all thirty-one races in that span. He’s the only one with that streak. He is officially “Mr Trail Mix!”

There are two more races in the series — that means if you have run in at least two races in the series to date you can still finish the 2019 series and get your final score and become eligible for the 2020 Loop Lottery!

Of course you don’t need to run in the series to race in these trail races.

The remaining races in the series are:

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……..David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Geoff, Eric, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)