First Two Trail Mix Races Complete, Four to Go!

The Leatherman’s Loop and A Mild Sprain are complete and results for those races are finalized.

Where the Pavement Ends is in September.
Where the Pavement Ends is in September.

We have computed the Trail Mix points for runners in these races and they are linked below. The series is still open to new entrants! Even if you have not run a Trail Mix race in 2015 you can still compete in the series by completing the last four races.

Current Trail Mix points standings can be found here:

For the Trail Mix Trail Series there are four more races to go at this time:

To compete in the series, you only need to complete four of the six races. If you complete more than four, we only take your best four races so you can potentially eliminate your lowest point score.

Scoring is done using a points system which is described here.

If you have any questions about the series, email us at

See you on the trails!

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