A Note About Leatherman’s Loop 2018 Entry for Trail Mix 2017 Finishers

To all Runners who completed the 2017 Trail Mix Series:

You are guaranteed selection in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery for 2018 ONLY IF YOU ENTER THE LOOP LOTTERY.

You have to register for the Loop Lottery so we know how many spots are available to the other regular entrants in the Loop Lottery.

You are guaranteed to get picked for a spot in the Loop Lottery if you are a Trail Mix series finisher — but we can’t enter your name into the Loop Lottery automatically. We need you to sign the USATF waiver and enter your credit card to pay for your entry.

If you are not sure you completed the 2017 Trail Mix Series, check here: 2017 Trail Mix Series final recap article including ALL series finisher names at bottom.

Thanks for understanding — and making our work easier 😉


Trail Mix 2018

Dear Trail Runners:

[UPDATED to add Paine to Pain into The Mix!]

We are bringing back the Trail Mix Trail Series for a fifth year in 2018!

Runners can compete in the series by completing at least 4 of the 7 races in the series. The best four count towards the point totals for the series if runners complete five or six of the series races.

Trail Mix Series points are calculated as described on this page.

Runners who complete the 2018 series are eligible for automatic selection in the 2019 Leatherman’s Loop Lottery. (Runners who completed the 2017 series are eligible for automatic selection in the 2018 Loop Lottery! (as long as they enter the Loop Lottery!!)

The races in the Trail Mix 2018 are, in chronological order:

All of the Trail Mix series races are on Sunday mornings.

Hope this helps you plan your 2018 race calendar and you can join us, run in, and complete the series in 2018.

….David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Mark, Geoff, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)