Standings Update – Summer 2024

Women’s Series Standings to date

Men’s Series Standings to date

THREE races in the 2024 Trail Mix Series are complete!

There are FOUR REMAINING Trail Mix Series Races (see links below).

Where the Pavement Ends 9/8Paine to Pain 9/29Run the Farm 10/27Raven Rocks Run 11/10

We have sorted the races to date by total points scored to date (not by an average per race). This highlights the runners who have completed more Trail Mix Series races over the runners who placed higher in the standings but have not run as many races in the series. Those other runners might potentially catch some of the front runners if they do more races in the series. These standings reflect the cumulative points effort to date – and you can always sort the table by average per race if you want.

Women’s Series

In the women’s trail mix series, Lindsay Felling is leading – winning two of the three Trail Mix races she entered so far in 2024 and placing high in the third. She is followed by Barbara Basbanes Richter who has completed all three of the 2024 Trail Mix races.

Cassandra Ring is third overall with two trail mix races completed. Teren Block is fourth and Harriet Menocal is fifth.

Mary Brower and Allison Bell are sixth and seventh. Rounding out the top 10 with strong showings in two of the three races are Emily Rebori, Colleen Stapleton, and Julie Shulman.

Men’s Series

Eamonn Sullivan has placed first in each of the three Trail Mix Races this year and is ranked first overall in the series.

Second place is held by Todd Henrich and third overall is held by Gerry Sullivan.

Josh Omin and Arnaldo Guerrero are ranked fourth and fifth in the series to date.

Tommy Ross and Chris Irwin placed very high in the two Trail Mix races they ran this year to date, placing them in sixth and seventh place, respectively. Drew Accomando, Eric Foxhall, and Paul Viscontini round out the men’s top 10.

These standings are based on the total points earned to date so they highlight and favor runners who have completed more Trail Mix Series Races. As more races are completed the standings will change.

We are looking forward to see what Where the Pavement Ends brings on September 8th as the Series resumes in the fall.

The standings list is sure to shrink as we pass the fifth race which causes only series-scoring eligible runners will be shown. Don’t let yourself fall off the standings!

You don’t need to run in the series to race in these trail races – they are open to any who want to run! When you are ready for the challenge, we’re here for you!

The remaining races in the series are:

Sign up today! Hope to see you on the trails!

Next Standings Update will be published after Where the Pavement Ends


Trail Mix 2020

Trail Runners:

EDIT: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the following races in the series have been cancelled:

We will keep you updated on the remaining races and our plans for a 2021 series.

Note: Information below is out of date due to COVID-19 restrictions. Check above list for active races.

The 2020 Trail Mix Series features SEVEN trail races in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

Date information and links to the websites are below.

ProTip: Subscribe to the calendar to get all of these Trail Mix Series races (and other regular Sunday Run group runs) on your mobile calendar.

Runners can compete in the series by completing at least 4 of the 7 races. The best four count towards the point totals for the series. If runners complete five, six, or seven of the series races they can drop their lowest race(s) — only counting best 4 races.

Runners who complete the series get scored and are eligible for age-category recognition. (See the scoring system explanation here.)

Runners who complete the series with at least 4 races of the 7 total get automatic selection in the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery the following year. (Runners who completed the 2019 series are eligible for automatic selection in the 2020 Loop Lottery! (as long as they entered the Loop Lottery!!)

Our best way to let others know about the Trail Mix Series is YOU!

When friends tell their friends about the series from personal experience it is the best way to spread the word. If you know someone who might be interested in running in the series, please forward this note to them.

If you have any questions about the 2020 Trail Mix Series, please let us know via email. 

See you on the trails!

….Tony, David, Brant, Geoffrey, Megan, Lee, Barry, Veronica, Eric, Rob (The Trail Mix Race Directors)

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If you want to follow the series on social media, use these links:
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November 10 – Raven Rocks Run Caps off the 2019 Trail Mix Series

On Sunday, November 10 at 9am, the Raven Rocks Run at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY will cap off the 2019 Trail Mix Series. We hope you are signed up – it will be a challenging race! 

You also might be interested to hear that the Fire Tower is coming back to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. It was dismantled in 1982 without permission from the county and many people have been working to get it restored. We are looking forward to being able to climb it again and take in the vistas it will provide. 

After the Raven Rocks Run is complete, we will update the final standings for the Trail Mix Trail Series after that race.

Let’s close the series with a bang at Raven Rocks on Sunday the 10th!

See you on the trails…

….David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Megan, Geoffrey, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)


A Mild Sprain – Sunday, June 2nd

The second race of the 2019 Trail Mix Trail Series is set to go on June 2nd at 9:45am sharp.

A Mild Sprain is held at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers, NY.

This year marks the 8th year of the race. Race directors David Vogel and Brant Brooks are gearing up for a big crowd and great fundraising for JDRF. They hope to surpass last year’s record fundraising.

Sign up and come to Sprain Ridge Park and Run! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

The third race in the series is called “Where The Pavement Ends” and will be held in the Fall, September 15, 2019, at Lake Windwing in Ridgefield CT. More information and registration for that race can be found here and on the Mild Sprain race website.


Standings Update – Post Run The Farm

Women’s Series Standings to date

Men’s Series Standings to date •

SIX races in the 2018 Trail Mix Series are compete! Only one more to go to make it a Lucky seven! (Raven Rocks Run – November 11)

There are 29 women who are currently eligible for scoring in the Trail Mix Series. Lindsey Felling has taken over the series lead with Louise Mullan just 0.04 points behind Lindsey in second place. Kelsey Crawford fell to third overall after Run The Farm, down by less than 1 point. Emily Bocklet is not far behind Kelsey in fourth overall. Katie Hulme is in fifth overall and is the first in the Juniors category. Of the top 5, Kelsey and Katie both have completed four races which is enough to be officially scored.

This tight race makes for some interesting scenarios: Each of the top 3 female runners has a chance to take it all at Raven Rocks by finishing above the other two. Kelsey can win the series by finishing higher than Lindsey and Louise. Lindsey can guarantee an overall win by beating Kelsey and Louise. And Louise can take it all with a win over Lindsey and Kelsey. It will be exciting to see who takes the prize! Kelsey has a chance to come back and win the series with an overall win at Raven Rocks and get the first ever perfect score. We only count the top 4 trail mix race finishes — and she will have five if she wins Raven Rocks enabling her to drop her lowest point score.

Deborah Young is leading in the F40 category with four races completed of the six run so far in the series. Kathy Lynch leads in the F50 category with four races completed. Michelle Stefanov leads in the F60 category.

Of special note — Cathy Nottage is the only woman to run all SIX of the Trail Mix Series races in 2018. Congratulations Cathy!

There are 77 men who are currently eligible for scoring in the Trail Mix Series.. Alexei Chernov has taken over the lead in the men’s Trail Mix Series. Matt Bedoukian is trailing by just under a point in second place. Jacob Benesch is third – and Jacob has run in all six of the 2018 Trail Mix Series races to date.

Guy Benn and Bill Bradsell have five and four races under their belts, respectively. Bill has won the M50 category each of the last two years and is trailed by Randolph2 and Paul Limmiatis. Guy is eading the M40 category, trailed by Mikhail YeremeevEdmund Dee, and Tom CurleyChristopher DeMuth III is leading the 13 & under division with Zachary Bertin on his heels.

Of special note — Christopher Dean, John Goodrow, Jacob Benesch, Paul Limmiatis, Gabriel Brecher, Charles Vaccaro, Paul Woolley, Christopher Demuth III, and Chris Demuth Jr have all run every Trail Mix Series race to date (six total) in 2018.

Extra special noteCharles Vaccaro has run in EVERY SINGLE TRAIL MIX RACE EVER! The series was started in 2014 and Charlie has done all twenty-seven races in that span including the six so far this year. He’s the only one with that streak. He is officially “Mr Trail Mix!”

There are two more races in the series — that means if you have run in at least two races in the series to date you can still finish the 2018 series! Of course you don’t need to run in the series to race in these trail races.

The final race in the series is the Raven Rocks Run on Sunday, November 11 at 9am. Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you on the trails!

……..David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Mark, Geoff, Eric, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)

PS: Let us know of any scoring mistakes or omissions and we will fix them ASAP!



Standings Update Post Sarah Bishop

Women’s Series Standings to dateMen’s Series Standings to date

Four races in the 2018 Trail Mix Series are compete!

In the women’s trail mix series, Kelsey Crawford has a commanding lead – winning every Trail Mix race she has entered in 2018. The age category titles are still up for grabs though!

On the men’s side it is a lot more up in the air – with at least 6-7 men having at least one strong finish under their belt. Alexei Chernov has two strong finishes and definitely has an advantage going into Paine to Pain this weekend.

There are three more races in the series — so if you have run in at least one race in the series to date you can still finish 2018’s series! Of course you don’t need to run in the series to race in these trail races.

The remaining races in the series are:

Sign up today! Hope to see you on the trails!



It’s Fall – Trail Mix Series 2018 Resumes!

We have five exciting and challenging Trail Mix Series races in September, October, and November.

All races are Sunday mornings. Check the individual race website for place and time details. Click the register link next to the race above to get signup info.

Hope to see you on the trails!


Midsummer Trail Mix Check-In

Trail Mix Runners:

It’s around the midpoint of summer – we hope you are enjoying August!

With two races complete, we have updated the results to date for the Trail Mix Series here:

There is still plenty of time and races to catch up — and add to your total!

We have five exciting and challenging Trail Mix Series races coming in September, October, and November.

All races are Sunday mornings. Check the individual race website for place and time details. Click the register link next to the race above to get signup info.

To be eligible for the Trail Mix Series, you must complete at least four of the seven races (The Leatherman’s Loop and A Mild Sprain have already passed for 2018). If you have completed two already you just need two more! If you have run none so far, you can pick four out of five and still be In The Mix!

Bonus: If you complete the Trail Mix Series in 2018, you are guaranteed automatic selection upon your entry into the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery in January 2019. (Remember: you must enter the loop lottery to get in as a Trail Mix pre-selection!)

If you are looking for a group to train and run trails with, check our website. Even if you can’t make the Sunday 8am runs, there are always other options — plus tons of local trail maps with designated routes you can follow on your own.

There has never been a better time to be a trail runner in our area!

Hope to see you on the trails!

……..David, Brant, Lee, Barry, Mark, Geoff, Eric, Rob, and Tony (the Trail Mix race directors)

If you want to follow the series, you can add these links to your social media apps:


Trail Mix 2018 Kicks Off at The Loop

Nearly every runner who completed the 2017 Trail Mix Series was registered for the 2018 Leatherman’s Loop this past weekend! Congratulations on finishing for 2017 and starting the 2018 series off with a great and memorable run!

You may see some of the Trail Mix posters and cards around Westchester and Fairfield this year. Just in case you don’t here are some images to share! 😉

Click here for information about the 2018 series and registration for the individual races.


Five races down – One Left: Raven Rocks Run 2017!



There are currently 29 women and 82 men who are eligible to complete the Trail Mix Series for 2017. Already 19 of those women and 36 of the men have the necessary 4 races in the series for automatic selection upon their entry into the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery 2017.

There’s one more race to go for the series: Raven Rocks Run!

Kirby Mosenthal crossing the river at Leatherman’s Loop 2017 (photo by Keith Realander) – click for larger version

Kirby Mosenthal leads the women’s 2017 series with four races complete to date for 2017. With her overall wins in A Mild Sprain and Where the Pavement Ends, she has a 0.4 point lead over second place. If Kirby finishes high up in Raven Rocks she can claim the 2017 Trail Mix women’s title. Kelsey Crawford is leading the F13 category and is a strong second in the women’s series with 3 races completed. With a strong showing at Raven Rocks, she can improve her average score and be within striking distance of an overall title. Kelsey has the F13 title locked up as long as she runs Raven Rocks.

Teren Block has a solid hold on third position and is leading the F50 category. Kathy Jackson is close behind Teren in the F50 category. Sydney Bieber (F13) is second in her category but she already has the 4 required races to complete the series. Eleanor Fosnot has the  F40 category locked up. Maria Ilyukhina leads in the F20 category with three races completed and one more needed to seal the category victory.

Laura Cyran and Samantha Schierle are neck and neck in the F30 category. A strong showing by Samantha could make up the 0.4 point difference in their standings. On the other hand, if Laura competes at Raven Rocks and does well, she could drop her lowest scoring race and her average would benefit. Zoe Wegener has sealed her victory in the F18 category. A run at Raven Rocks would be a victory lap for Zoe!

Luis Francisco crossing Splashdown at the 2017 Leatherman’s Loop (photo by Deb Burman) – click for larger view

Luis Francisco has won two of his four Trail Mix race entries in 2017A Mild Sprain and Sarah Bishop Bushwhack, and he finished second in Leatherman’s Loop and Run The Farm. Benjamin Hopkins has run in all five Trail Mix races to date. He was first overall in Where the Pavement Ends and right behind Luis in the other races. He leads the M30 category. The gap between Luis and Benjamin is a minuscule 0.15 points!

Virgil Bretz in 3rd place overall and leads the M40 category. He’s just 0.4 points behind Benjamin. Aleksei Chernov and John McElroy are 4th and 5th respectively. Bill Bradsell has the M50 category sewn up for the 3rd straight year. The same is true for Joe Mokszycki who has the M60 category in hand as long as he completes Raven Rocks.

Justin Pufahl leads the M18 category with four races under his belt. Rob Fryer has four races complete and the M70 category in hand. Jackson Bieber needs only to complete Raven Rocks Run to seal his M13 category win. Edward Bricker leads the M20 category but needs one more race to complete the series. Michael Curra is hot on his heels and already has the four races for the series. Any improvement in his point scores will drop his lowest race and elevate his standings.

Congratulations to all of the early winners – the final race, Raven Rocks Run, will be a victory lap for you! And congratulations to all of those runners who have four or more races — or will hit their goal with the next race. It is no easy feat and the rewards will be yours!

One woman (Teren Block) has completed all five of the Trail Mix races to date in 2017. Twelve men have completed all 5 races to date!

Charles Vaccaro remains the only runner to complete ALL of the Trail Mix races from 2014-present. That’s a whopping 19 races to date! Eric Foxhall has run in 17 of the 19 races to date. Jerre Skeats has 16 of the 19 completed. We appreciate and admire their commitment and dedication to trail running!

If you notice an error or an omission in the standings, please contact us at

raven_rocks_logo-with-text-below-200wWe hope to see you all at the sixth and final race in the series on November 12th, 2017: the Raven Rocks Run.

After the 2017 Trail Mix series is complete, we continue our Sunday Runs throughout the winter and into the spring. Highlights will include the Looper Bowl and Raven Lunatic group runs as well as some night runs that will open your eyes to new trail possibilities. Sign up with to get the weekly run location emails.

And sign up with Mixed Up Trail Notes for updates on Trail Mix race activity including notification of the Leatherman’s Loop 2018 Lottery – opening in early January.